November 16, 2009

32-19, WABASH!

32-19, WABASH!

This weekend I went back home to Crawfordsville, IN, Wabash College, the TKE House.

That sums it up: I got to go home again. It was great. I hung out with old friends I'd left behind forever (or so it felt) back in May, I was the first alumnus (so says Washburn) to hang out on a couch in the Karnak room in only my underpants and socks.

And best of all I was baptized by the Bell again. This'll be my last time, I think, and it's fitting: Baptized once as a Freshmen, and again the year after graduation. Both events stick in my mind and are part of years when my life changed.

And I got to play DnD as a player again, finally. It was a fun session, with Phil DMing and Josh playing a messed-up character. My own was a lot of fun, and left me with the belief that sorcerer's are overpowered.

The game was incredible. The first half left me depressed up until the end, when Wabash scored with very little time on the board to bring it to 7-6, with Depauw leading.

For the first half it seemed like Wabash was genuinely overmatched. We ran the ball well, but couldn't clinch the endzone. Depauw only scored once, but seemed able to move the ball at will, with short, devastating passes that didn't depend on good O-Line protection, but certainly benefitted from it.

The Second half changed it all, with Wabash opening a balanced offense of quick passes and good runs, scoring several times and letting the defense rest. The defense did their job well, making Depauw pay for the ground they did take, and stepping up to knock the ball out of the air much more often.

Wabash finished it with a final drive and score to bring it to 32-12, and Depauw managed a late score to bring it to 32-19, but the Little Giants held onto the ball and ran out the clock for the win. It was a great day, warm and sunny, the tailgating was fun, and cheering was still a good time. Much congratulations are due to the Sphinx Club, who led the stands in cheers, and the Wabash football team, for playing a great game and bringing the Bell back home.

Late Facts: While it seems I've gone off course, this is an extra update; I'll let you know how Nanowrimo is going soon, and whether I intend to continue with it. The novelizing has been slow and not-fun lately, and I can't really care about the book, which is based more on a joke than what I want to write about. I may try to catch up, but possible by starting a new novel, or taking the current one in a very different direction.
Also, it was strange to have a few people come up and say "I heard you're writing a novel"; I didn't expect many (or anyone) to read this blog, but the realization that some do, and are at least aware of the writing is unusual. My first reaction was embarassment, and to brush it off by saying "It's not going well," but it helps to know what I write is being read, if only by ye few. Thanks for reading, caring, and being super-awesome!

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  1. Keep going Will. Write what you want to write. It's the only way.