August 2, 2011

Do Not Trust Robin Williams

Here is the link to the Star Wars blog:
Didn't have time to say it (spent too much on Williams being a murderer) but I think Star Wars is fantasy, as is much of what we think of as science fiction. Terminator: is there any science there beyond "robots, totally"?And time travel? The Matrix? They mention computers and then it's just kung-fu nerds' wet dream. Serenity? Reavers could easily be a stand-in for orcs. There are certain allowable things that differ in genres - what happened to River usually doesn't happen in fantasy, for example - but it's just an expectation, not a rule. I would like to read fantasy in which a government kidnaps and brainwashes kids to turn them into psychic assassins. The line between the genres is so thin I'm not sure it's there at all, or if soft sci-fi is just fantasy, in space. Even robots aren't safe, as fantasy has golems (mechanical constructs with a penchant for rebelling against their creators).

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