April 30, 2013

Good news, Everyone

This is for Everyone, not for you.

The podcast returns this Sunday, with special news. Until then, updates containing various content with smarmy titles.

I'm considering this as a new segment, called: "Fuck it, I'm busy". In it, I'll summarize recent books, movies, and other fun things that you don't have time for, taking them upon myself instead. This week, Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, British Wife, and Space Wife.

To summarize Oblivion:

The spaceghost of Steve Jobs travels ten thousand years into the future and creates the ultimate, spacefaring Ipod. However, it loses control, and the Ipod travels back to save the Land Before Time, but is too late to rescue Littlefoot. And since, even in the future, Apple is kind of an asshole company, the Ipod decides that content for earth should be restricted to Tom Cruise and the babies he'll make with the hottest British woman Americans will see, outside of Amy Pond's actress.

It also drains the sea, because whales.

Morgan Freeman makes a delightful cameo as Space Christ, even though no one seems sure exactly why he's there. In the end, we are left thinking that Tom would have been better off with British Wife, as Space Wife is kind of a slut, and the baby he makes with her is fucking ugly.

Check back in a day or two, once I think up something else.

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