December 3, 2009

Unlimited Power!

It's my very first podcast, and I'm excited. As I say in the show, the next one will be Friday, and then every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after that.

I'll still be updating the blog, but to a lesser extent, dependent on what neat things I find.

I really, really enjoyed doing this. I've got a smile on my face right now so big, you wouldn't believe it. I mean what I say in the podcast; go, and make your own awesome stuff. I, at least, will listen/read/digest it.

Making the podcast itself was enough work, but I also had to learn to use the recording system. There's still a lot of editing stuff I can learn and use to make these better, and as time goes on I hope you see a real improvement in quality. The recorder I use, for those interested, is Audacity. It's easily looked up on Google, free to download, and has a wiki page explaining how to set up a quick show. Music I got from music alley, a service courtesy of, who will be mentioned in each cast at some point. Please, go buy some of these songs if you can; a lot of the people uploading their work are talented artists trying to get paid for what they love. I think everyone would get paid to do what they love if they could.

That's enough for now. Goodnight!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Emperor Pledgefather-

    It's good to hear your voice again, and I like your words. On the subject of being creative and putting something out there, along with my semester off and our shared desire to write, might I suggest a collaborative webcomic? It could be as short-run as may be, I just like the idea. I'll doodle to anything you script.

    Yr. Obdnt. Srvnt,
    -Silent Bob