October 15, 2010

Hankerings Anonymous

Courtesy of Donald Darko
Please do not take the above as genuine creativity. Please do take it as me finding it funny, and wishing that bitch Mrs. Farmer had gotten one of the ole Vader Force Chokes.

Let's talk about D&D.
I'm a fan of videogames. Games with good story, games with inspired art, games where you just kill a shitload of people - they probably had it coming - are all good. Heavy Rain is the best example of good story I know of. In the course of one game (spoiler) a fat, dumpy private dick won my heart, inspired me to be a better person, and subsequently betrayed me. It was a blow to my heart. He burned and salted the earth of love and not being a crazy shitbag. Then the plucky reporter chick died. That was kinda funny though.
Braid is a game with great art. Music in it is awesome. The story, while simple and a little obscure, is neat.
Dragon Age has great storytelling capabilities that have (in the case of city elves) shocked me. When rape, and its repercussions, become part of any narrative, things go to a weird place. When it is part of a video game - part of a whole person who serves as the player avatar, a person whose feelings you are supposed to feel - weird doesn't fucking cover it.
And, of course, WOW is the crack of all videogames.
All this leads me back to D&D because D&D is the thang, yo. It be that sweetness that I keep coming back for. Creating a broad range of potential stories, not actively writing them, but letting others write while you guide things - it's pretty cool. It's the thing (thang, if you prefer) that I'd give up videogames for. Not least of all because of how weird it is. Goodsirs, you are pretending to be dwarves and elves.
How cool is that? 

Late Facts: I forgot to listen to music this week. Thus, no podcast. It's like a magic trick, if the magician was dumber than a box of hammers. 
Super Late Facts: I don't think this post has a point, beyond "D&D is cool"; that's a valid point though, thin as it is. Also, once you press the italics button on Blogger, beware. Blogger likes the italics button. It wants you to keep using 'em. I'd say Blogger has a problem.

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