October 9, 2010

Sometimes I forget Things

WITH a capital T.
You should go do this. Trust me, I'm a doctor.
The Title also has a link to it. So you don't even need to copy and paste. And the payment goes through paypal, so yer info be safe.
Times is tough. Money be precious. But this fellow made a movie, and is trying to make it as successful as he can. And I want to see it. So do it for the childrens. Just imagine me as a child, and you'll find it in yourself. Maybe I have some baby disease. Now I'm a tragic figure. Do you want to deprive tragic, baby-me of a movie? Why don't you just punch me in the head.
Now you've punched a baby.
So go donate, and maybe you will be forgiven for punching baby.

Late Facts: I think he deserves to get the movie out there. Spending your own money on a project like that has to be somewhat scary - you believe in it, but how can you be sure of turning a profit, or even recovering your losses? Entertainment be a fickle thing. So if ye've got it, give it, if not, maybe buy a copy of the movie. Or wish him good luck.

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