March 31, 2011

Are you the devil?

Early impressions of Amanda Hocking, the 26 yr-old independent author who made a shitload of money.

There's this line, from her book:
"Most likely, he was a damn sociopath,and for whatever reason, I found that endearing."
Which strikes me as retarded, lending credence to the reports that she's just writing Twilight-esque bullshit. Less paranormal romance; more paranormal bromance!

But there's this, from her blog:
"Platypi lactate and have venom."
Which strikes me as profound, and funny.
More to report as I delve deeper into madness.

Late Facts: If you don't know why the book line is dumb, consider A) way too many commas. She must have a hardon for 'em, which may not make sense. And B) sociopaths are neither diagnosed by teenagers, nor endearing. Unless you find Ted Bundy endearing (though judging by the success of Dexter, you might). 

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