November 9, 2011

The Devil's greatest trick was a frontside 360 airwalk

Two disclaimers: I do not know skateboarding terms; I ramble, and may not make as much sense as I'd wish. This combination may result in a Cthulu-like trance in which I spout the tongues of madness that wakens the damned.

The links!
The hell one:

The AMA:

The swamp-assed universe!:

I am going to Monon this weekend. I will report back with Wabash's victory and scorn for Depauw. This will probably be my last year that I go (and drink) as it is the last senior class I know; the rest are all fraters that joined after I left the house. I know a few, and godspeed to each of them (and the house as a whole) but I'm trying to grow up inch by inch. Unfortunately, in my case, that is a lot of inches.

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