November 26, 2011


Wabash beat the living hell out of Depauw. Must make for an awkward post-game meeting. "Well, they didn't win by as much this year. Maybe next time we can score twice." Especially bad when the Dannie fans leave at halftime. C'mon kids! They're your goddam team, stick around. I wanted to give the po' bastahds a hug.
Of hatred.

Multiple links tonight.
The woman sentenced for lying on her food stamp app:
And the of-course not nearly as bad ex-vigilante psychopath who extorted money at gunpoint:
And he got a $100 fine! And probably thinks it's unfair (seriously, read what he says to the FBI when they finally arrest him). I know it's long, but combined these two cases make our justice system look like the Three Stooges. It doesn't matter if Moe fucked up, Curly still gets bopped on the head.

About the Occupy Wall Street idea:

The True Democracy Act
1. Tie congressional salaries to the average American income ( - $174,000 vs. $50,000 (

2. Limit campaign spending to $1 million (
or less, with a donation cap - once $1 million is raised the candidate may no longer accept donations.

Reform starts at home. If candidates cannot handle their own salary and run effective campaigns without massive amounts of money, then they should not be in Congress. Plus this frees up corporate money to create more jobs!

This is not socialism. These are public servants. Their job, which they asked for, is to serve their constituents and promote the common good. By averaging salaries much higher than the average American income, and accepting donations that allow them to overcome the power of the vote, they are striking against democracy. By leveling the campaign field, and reducing salaries, more money is freed up for other purposes - cutting the fat that Congress complains so much about - and the vote increases in power. This creates a more democratic electoral process.

By limiting the amount in donations a candidate can receive we limit corporate interests in our politicians. They will be dependent on the people. By tying the salary to the average American income we ensure that their interests are tied to ours - that they serve the majority, as they were elected to, and not the wealthiest minority.

I said I wanted to hear what you thought, so comment, goddamit. If you disagree, good, tell me why. If you agree, good, tell me why. I want the Occupy movement to spark real change in our electorate, and this is one way I see to that goal. I don't hate capitalism; I think we need to use it better. Work in your own self-interest (but try not to be a dick; and, oh, your self-interest does not include lower taxes for corporations and CEOs making record profits.)

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