March 7, 2012

God burns down bars for the insurance

I had a really awkward moment tonight - the kind that only occurs in your head, but seems no less weird for that - when I realized John McCain has a hot wife. I would nail Cindy McCain. I didn't know anything about his wife prior to this, and didn't expect to find her attractive - I assumed McCain's wife looked like him, but with long hair. She does not.

The rant might be a little weird. I am running low on sleep, and am disturbed by what I read. I want to be supportive to people who face prejudices they shouldn't have to - especially kids. I invited people going through gay-bashing and general hatred to leave comments or email me, and I will try to be supportive, but I know it sounds sketchy as hell. I wouldn't trust random internet guy, either. But find someone who you can commiserate with. The sort of friend who will support you, and help you, no matter what, is something everyone should have.
And keep trying to make the world a better place.

The Links: - Hey. Assholes. This is who you look like - psychos who want to kill people based on arbitrary bullshit - when you pull stuff like in the first article. Knock it off. History, if you're concerned for nothing else, is not kind to the assholes.
You're the asshole, is my point.

Tonight's episode is dedicated to those who go "full retard", for good or ill. At least ya'll are having a good time, as you slowly try to destroy happiness.

Late Facts: Religion does not make you good. Religion is not good. Good people can make a good religion. Religion cannot make good people. 
One of the creepiest thing about The Man in the High Tower is, unlike 1984, the world is recognizable. People are Nazis, racists, and horrible people in general, but they are familiar. Aside from being Nazis, they could be neighbors. What does this say for our world?

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