July 7, 2012

Hail Discordia! The way to the Tower opens!

Shazamed up for your pleasure.

The Link!

http://www.notstarring.com/actors/connery-sean - I would sit through the whole shit-fest of Matrix 2 and 3 again, just to see Sean Connery tell Neo to go fuck himself.

Late facts: the temperature thing, while impressive, is made slightly less so (very slightly) when you realize the core of the sun is "cooler" than the corona.

Superlate facts: it's hard to take your news website seriously when you have a large-breasted woman (or man) telling me to "stoke the fires of rrrrevolution" (rolled r's implied).

Stupid jokes: for YOU

What do you tell a Canadian who won't shut up?

Shut your eh-hole.


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