June 21, 2012

Google it, damn you!

The idea of a chronologically disparate universe interests me. If you could travel to this galaxy instantly and look at earth, you wouldn't see the earth as it is now. If light took 12 billion years to reach us, then our light took the same amount of time to reach that galaxy. You would have a window into the past of our galaxy.
What if you could do the reverse? What if, instead of seeing light from the beginning of the universe, you could see the darkness from the end?

I rewatched the Matrix recently, and something bugged me. After the first movie, Neo is set up as Jesus. His sacrifice is put up as an ad at the Superbowl about halfway through the second movie. It's weird, but I can deal with it. What bugs me is, with all the biblical references and half-assed philosophical ramblings, where is Neo's temptation? Christ spent some time with Big D in the desert, and Neo... nothing. Gets off without ever wanting to use his awesome powers just to smash an uppity mortal's face in. Even though it's the first (and for some, only) thing we'd think of, if put in the same situation. And since Neo is an Everyman (I hate the term, but he is) for the audience to project themselves onto, at least the desire to fuck things up should have been included.


I can (sort-of) relate, as a fat man. My shelf is my belly.

It's hard to complain about an Orwellian surveillance state when they walk into it.


Late facts: the bit about seeing the end of the universe is bullshit, but I still think it would be cool. Damn you, Science!

Super-late facts: I can eat six of the eight pieces of a large pizza. I finish the last two out of spite. 

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