September 24, 2010

Cats don't give a shit

I've been depressed this week so less than usual has been done. It makes music listening-to not very happy and laughs are in short supply. But, I remind myself, this cat does not give a shit about how I feel. So I do more podcasts. And as my pappy always said, "I've never really been happy anyway; see no reason to start now."
The podcast is short, but full of music and rants, albeit rants about the included links. I have a small request after the link fields, so follow me down. 

I've been researching ways to spread the blog around and have come up with a few: please, if you like the podcasts and think someone you know might like them, let them know about it! Friendly recommendations can do a lot. Sharing on social networking sites can also help. This amount of self-pimpage makes me feel awkward and dumb, but I like doing the podcasts and the more people listen the more I feel, "Fuck yeah! Let's keep doing this." So I'll kick a rock and look bashful, and then go back to recording.
I guess that's the only one. There were more, then I forgot them. Oh! Technorati claim. I don't really understand it, but I did it. So maybe that'll help, accidentally or something.
Also there's this!
This is basically what I hope my blog grows up to be, only with podcasts. I stumbled upon the story of a fish destroying her childhood, and have been hooked since. It is awesome, something I fully endorse here in the house of the same.

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