September 3, 2010

Uncle Ben Must Die!

The podcast has returned! It's short tonight, but there are more to come, probably on a weekly, or twice weekly basis. I hope it has not been too long, and that you enjoy the show.

Also, because I promised, here is the first comic I did about Applejacks. The project is on hold right now until I hear back from James. He is a much better drawer than I am, but hey! look at that adorable sonofabitch! You can click to enlarge, and use the zoom (cntrl + +-sign) because if I make it too big it doesn't fit.
As I said in the newest post, the Uncle Ben 'cast was replaced by the new one because I failed to notice I had named the new one the same as this one; you'd think I'd have noticed "New podcast" as already there, but I is dumb. Dumb as hell. I'll try to find the old file and put it back up.

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