September 27, 2010

A Delicious Trap

The following occurred on Facebook. The name's have not been changed, because fuck it. 

Alex Thompson Sell me your car!

September 24 at 12:32pm · ·

    • Leo Helfer
      I seen a special going on somewhere that let's people get a discount if two people go to driver's Ed, instead of one. E.G. if I sign up and you sign up we both get discounts.

      btw, the score is

      Alex totaled 2 cars
      ...LB = totaled 1 car

      totaled = defined as not being able to drive it anymore.
      See More
      September 24 at 1:16pm ·

    • Kristina Locke kristina totaled 0 cars. suck it.
      September 24 at 3:28pm ·

    • Alex Thompson ‎@Leo For the record, the insurance company said I was NOT AT FAULT! So stick THAT in you pipe and smoke it.
      September 24 at 9:08pm ·

    • Leo Helfer I wanna see proof...lies... -_-
      September 24 at 11:14pm ·

    • William Hohmeister I've got a deal for you, Thompson. It's a 2001 Chevy Fictional, only $1100. Got about 30k miles.
      Saturday at 12:31pm ·

    • Chris Knapp I won't! NO!
      Yesterday at 2:01am ·

    • Alex Thompson ‎@Will message me with your cell
      51 minutes ago ·

    • William Hohmeister You are my favorite person, Alex. From now, until forever, you are absolutely my 100%, completely non-gay favorite person.
      2 seconds ago ·

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