September 9, 2010

Words is hard

The podcasts continue! Now at four, or two of the "new" 'casts, the third next week will break the old record for continuation. This one has two medium rants, and a rant about a book. It's a good book, and you should read it. Turn off the t.v. and get to it.

I haven't read anything more about the Quran-burner in Florida, but I hope he decided not to do it. Fighting stupidity with stupidity doesn't work, and burning a religion's holy book in the hope of hurting people who don't give a shit about it (the terrorists) is really stupid. Shouldn't we be burning Bibles for all the fucked-up things crazy people have done "for" Christianity?

Applejacks will continue, but later. Goodly James Morey has agreed to come onboard as artist, and I have sent him the next three scripts. AJ will likely be put up on a new site, one dedicated just to the comic.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and tell your friends if you do. Making this into something sustainable would be so awesome I feared to actually put it into words.

1 comment:

  1. The Quran Burner did decide against it. It makes me feel as though it was a publicity stunt.